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"Be expectant of nothing, your time is now"
Author: Kevin Madison   |   October 31st, 2016
The saying goes: "Your time will come. Be patient."

Our egos have a funny way of assimilating to unexamined societal maxims. 

I surmise to say that adhering to such a notion is causation to perpetual stagnation. 

The idea of time coming to any of us should be brow-raising.

By no means am I disparaging patience, but what I am doing is inviting you to question the idea of being patient for what already IS. 

TIME. It already IS. 

You cannot be patient for that which has already shown it's full hand and what it offers. There is no finale. 

Where we must shift, is in understanding the subtle alchemy required on our part to wield the time we have in our favor. 

We can do this by being expectant of nothing, folks. 

The big opportunity, the big come up, the big pay day, etc. 

Your time, my time, our time - has already come. The payday is now, the opportunity is now, the come up is NOW. 

All expectancy does is rob us of the only thing we have - this moment. 

So, I say, be patient for nothing. Maximize every breath you take and fill every space you're in. Your time is NOW.

I hope to goodness this makes as much sense to you as it does to me. 

Love & Light,
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"The Day-of-the-week syndrome"
Author: Kevin Madison   |   October 19th, 2016
There's something to say for the stillness in Sunday evenings. I bask in the serenity they carry and the older I get, the more I enjoy em'.

As a youngster, Sundays were pure hell. Why? School was in the morning...lol. But, as an adult, who enthusiastically took back control of my emotional state from the 'days of the week', it's been life changing.

So many good, hard working, learned people, don't realize the precious emotional real estate they give up by doing this; allowing your emotional state to be determined by the day of the week.

Goes a little something like this...
Monday - Sucks
Tuesday - Still sucks
Weds - Getting better
Thurs - Much much better
Fri - Stoked to bloody hell
Sat - Beside yourself with excitement 
Sun - Completely ambivalent

Each of our lives is made up of seconds, rolled into minutes, rolled into hours, rolled into days, so on and so on...there's not a single rule, law, or dictum(I know of) that states you're to live in accordance with the day of the week.

Why do most people do it then?

Because most people care not to question anything and yield to everything that's why.

How come Monday can't be the new Friday?
How come you can't wake up and look at your Tuesday and say, "Hell yeah! It's here!"

This is a very subtle societal norm that you just gotta get rid of if living a life of total freedom is the objective.

The detachment from something that has subconsciously controlled you, is one of the most liberating experiences we can enjoy any time we choose.

Detach from things that control you, that you've allowed to control you by default.

How do you find such things? The next time you feel inclined to do something that makes you smile, light up, feel good about yourself, etc., pay attention to the immediate thought that pops into your mind right after it.
Do you weigh it by what others will say or think -- or do you weigh it by the standard of living you've envisioned by yourself?

If you find yourself diminishing your wants because it doesn't fit the narrative of other human beings, therein lies a point of detachment you need to handle.

The reason you need to handle it right then and there is because if it shows up in one decision, it more than likely shows up in other decisions you make when it comes to living 'YOUR' life.

Love & Light
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"Get money...but first..."
Author: Kevin Madison   |   October 2nd, 2016

And this may very well be the case for you. People talk more about 'getting money' than they do about getting their life solid first.

Let me share something with you I've learned along my journey.

I write this from having the intimate experience of being on both sides of the fence; from having little or nothing, to being blessed and looked after pretty well if I do say so myself.

Success comes in various forms. Sucess solely from a financial perspective can be attained by those who are foul and those who're fair. Accumulation of money has nothing to do with your character. (Side Note: To all those running 'spirit based businesses' - if that's a ploy to garner more money, you don't really need to put on a show if that's the case.)

Now...the kind of success that's sweet to your soul, rewarding, fulfilling, and in alignment with who you were put here to be and do, that kind of success warrants more than your ability to 'get money.' That kind of success wants stewardship of taking care of their life.

The want for fleeting success is more prevalent than we'd like to admit as human beings because nobody wants to seem shallow.

But, once you get absolutely real about how and what you identify success to be, and find that you may equate it to things and stuff that have absolutely no visceral value, then you're left with but one question: "How do I live a fulfilled, successful life?"

You then can turn everything around. You can do so because the yearning for success is no longer about stuff you can get -- ya know the fleeting success.

Now the hunger and appetite for success comes from a place of certainty that has no filter, no price tag, no label. Pure unadulterated yearning to create, produce, and achieve for fulfillment. And true fulfillment is a result of sincere contribution.

When you take the focus off of 'getting money' and define success in a way that invigorates you, inspires you, awakens you, and stretches you, you see money, an esteemed reputation, influence, etc. come as concomitants. In other words, they're a package deal.

So, to close out this long azz post...lol...money is not only a necessity, but it is a change maker. I value money, I appreciate money, and I most importantly RESPECT money.

But, the key to having a lot of it, is creating a space within your life where money can reciprocate those same things to you -- and it can!

Make money become attracted to the success that really means something. The success that comes from your unadulterated place that isn't filled with 'stuff' and labels.

Give money a reason to say: "Damn, I like being with him/her. I'm going to go and get some more of my buddies to come check this guy/gal out."

You see, that's a reality that can and will happen for you if truly want it and do the work necessary to attain it.
No matter how hard life is for you and despondent you may feel right now, nothing lasts forever. There will forever be time for you to take care of you first.

Show life you value you, and it'll do the same.

Get Life, and then 'get money.'

Love & Light, folks.
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"Are You Living In Talkville?"
Author: Kevin Madison   |   August 31st
It took me around 6 years to earn my first net $10k in a single month. The previous 4 years were spent meandering around 'Talkville.'

Basically, kidding myself by saying it over and over, but not 'DOing' what warranted earning $10k in a month required.

Here's the kicker, folks, and this is for those of you grinding and staying up late, losing sleep, waking up with bags under your eyes, and wearing them as a badge of honor as a result of your commitment to the entrepreneurial hustle.

Cut that out.

Here's what I quickly realized once the shift of DOing replaced the practice of simply talking.

The effort I put into talking and professing how I'd earn $10k in a month "one day soon", is no different than the effort it takes to actually DO what it requires earning $10k right now. Listen to me on this, folks.
The effort you put into telling yourself the story of how you'll do it, is equal if not less than - as I've found - to actually doing it.

What do I mean?

It takes a high level of dedication, commitment, and deliberate action to continue telling yourself something over and over yet come up short. That takes a lot of brain power and to be candid - a high tolerance for pain.


Because, when you know that you're responsible for the lack of results in your business or life, yet you continuously tell yourself you'll do it, you'll get it done, etc. -- then not do it, maaaaaaan, you're one tough or stupid cookie (I was the latter).

To make a long story short it's like this, good people.
You can pick up what I'm laying down or scroll on by. Here's what you do.

Whenever you find yourself having that conversation in your head or professing to somebody else how you're going to do this and do that, just STOP.


Stop and ask yourself, "Are my actions an indication of what I'm telling myself or this person I'm talking to?" In that moment, that very precious moment that presents itself with ample opportunity to change the trajectory of your life, that is the moment where the rubber meets the road.

Do you fail it by simply giving yourself ostensible achievement in hearing yourself spit feel good talk...or do you take the bull by the horns and put an end to your own suffering? It's on you.

The most beautiful part of this little scenario so many are living right now is that once you make the decision to leave 'Talkville' you'll balk the next time you feel compelled to utter empty promises to yourself.

The amazement and revelation you'll have once you make this approach a HABIT will astonish you -- and those around you. The same effort it took me to get to $10k is what's taken me well beyond that once coveted benchmark of achievement.

YOU can darn sure do this yourself -- especially now with the amount of opportunity that's around us. Get to it. First class tickets to where you want to go depart from Talkville, today.

I hope this serves somebody. I don't care if it's one person. As long as it freakin' helps one person who needed to read this my objective has been met.
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Another's Discontent
Author: Kevin Madison   |   August 13th
Here's what I've learned along my journey that may or may not shed some light on how you see it.

When people show ostensible love and yet sneak diss you with a smile, more likely than not, they're hurting.

They're probably not where they'd like to be in life and as a coping mechanism, find reasons and ways to attach others to what they're feeling inside themselves. So, they do such things as show no support and jump at the opportunity to confer with others about what you 'used' to do and how you 'used' to be.

Yes, it's hard not to combat or react to such a thing, but I'm telling you...don't! Do not fall prey to the vice of the personal discontent others have and are dealing with.

Instead, keep climbing, and continue to cultivate the habit of detachment from other's discontent.

One of the greatest gifts that God has given each of us is the gift of mind. Use it. Know when, who, and what to pay absolutely no mind to.

The problem with most human beings though, is that we're incessantly curious with the lesser of what people know and think about us rather than them knowing the greater that resides within us.

Love & Light
- ‎KGM
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The shift
Author: Kevin Madison   |   August 3rd
The way I share and teach the Love & Light philosophy is basic - I leave the complex stuff to those who do complex.

Anyway... One of its tenets is all about 'shifting.' I'll explain. 

Whether it's personal, business, social, formal, informal, etc., life responds to speed just as it does to patience and prudence. When unfavorable circumstances assail you, and you're beset with difficulty, doing your best to keep your head above water, it's in those moments you must 'shift', not get pissed, angry, complain, or start blaming. 

You must learn to be deft in your ability to shift -- and shift fast. 

Here's what I've come to gather during my 36yrs on this planet by way of my own experiences, and studying people who've displayed utter mastery in shifting.

In all moments - not some - but all moments, contain both the opportunity to ascend or meander.  Ascend to a new awareness about yourself, your circumstances, your role in this world, and your awakening -- or meander in that which offers you perpetual frustration, pain, confusion, and aimlessness. 

I won't go into vivid detail of exactly how to do this in a blog post but shifting has been a bastion of hope, inspiration, and motivation for me when things looked gloomy and got a little rough. 

When I learned the art of shifting and giving myself permission to place my energy where only a clear mind could enter, life changed for me, folks. It freakin' changed. 

I'd love to teach more people about 'shifting' and it's the reason why Love & Light Always exist.

I feel it's necessary for more people who need only the sound methodology to change the trajectory of their lives for better. 

There's immense honor I carry in being someone who can assist people with shifting in their own lives.

I've mentioned this before and I'll have at it again in this post.

The good that has been bestowed unto us isn't ours. We're all just borrowers for the time we're here. Don't let what has served you, helped you, and grow you,  remain inside you. 

Help others SHIFT. 

Love & Light 
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Birds, Rooms, and YOU
Author: Kevin Madison   |   july 27th
I don't know the exact date, but I do remember the feeling I had when I first heard this irrefutable quote:
"If you're the smartest person in the room - then you're in the wrong room."

Boy did that one hit me. I can't explain why, but it's indelible impact got the ball rollin' for me. I vividly recall saying to myself that I will make the deliberate effort to associate and befriend smart people. Whether they had an exceptional formal education or esteemed education in life experience. I just knew I wanted to associate with bright human beings.

So I did.

Over the years I've built friendships with my formally educated friends who're alumni of Brown, Princeton, Yale, Stanford...you get my gist. As well as forge friendships with my life experience only friends who're alumni of 'odds against them university' if you know what I mean. Men and women who've dropped out of high school and barely knew how to read, criminal blemishes on their record, a product of a drug infested environment and on and on.  Nonetheless, extremely bright and deft at their craft. 

 Why do I share this? 

Simple. Your ability to associate and befriend smart people helps you far more than the association. It undoubtedly and substantially serves the genius within you, too. 


Remember this, good people. Dreams, visions, and goals are like birds per se. They are more powerful when grouped with their kind. Doers hang with doers. Good people hang with good people. Drug addicts usually kick it with other drug addicts, etc. 

Let me explain a little better so you really get this one. Yes, you can do great things alone - you can 'fly' high if you will. But, with others, you can do even greater and fly even further. 

Say you were an eagle and you found yourself amongst swans. 

Now, the swan is one beautiful species of bird without question. It's graceful, it's pretty, and it's just a gorgeous majestic creature. Still, the fact remains that you're an eagle and no matter how pretty or majestic they may be -- you're not a swan. You're an eagle. 

Sure you can help them catch food, build nests, tend to the little baby birdies and all that. But, you will never reach the heights of your greatness playing and meddling with the swans. You're playing yourself. This is by no means downplaying the swans, but you're in the wrong room. This room is for swans. You've been seeing from the perspective of a swan, yet you have some of the best vision of any creature on earth. You've been eating worms and small fish, yet you were born with the ability to catch fish as large as you with the claws you have. You've been flying around lakes and finding safe shelter when a storm comes about, yet you were born to fly over the highest mountains and across the vast waters of the world and the strength to glide in the middle of a storm.

You, my friend, are in the wrong room.

Only other eagles can show you how to be an eagle. Only other high flying eagles can show you how to navigate the new territory your eyes couldn't see due to being in the wrong place. Only other eagles can show you how far you can fly with the God-given tools you carry within you.

My point is, you don't leave the wrong room because of who's in it. 
You leave the wrong room because of who's in you

Peace folks! 

Love & Light - KGM
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what is it about this philosophy?
Author: adrienne dyer   |   july 9th
Hello everyone! First of all let me introduce myself. I am Adrienne, the Creative Director of Love&Light and I have been working behind the scenes watching and helping Kevin bring his philosophy to the world. I am loving every minute and learning so much. This philosophy will literally affect every area of your life if you allow it to, and I would encourage you to do so. I wanted to share some thoughts about one particular reason I have found this way of life to be so powerful because I have seen, and experienced, Kevin living it out firsthand and it has made a remarkable impact on me. So here goes!

What makes Love&Light so unique? What is it about this philosophy? Why does something that sounds so good and desirable become scary and cause people to shy away? I have found myself wondering that ever since I've started learning about it, and yesterday it hit me.

It's because it reveals truth. It is an honest philosophy, and it's honest in a way that doesn't leave people with room to sit on the fence. It requires a decision. Either you agree or you don't, there is no middle ground. Why? Again because it reveals truth. And truth can be scary. 

We all desperately want it. We want to know exactly the who, what, how, and why's of life are. We want to know the answers. We get annoyed with gray areas and indecision and confusion...

...and yet...

When that truth and/or honesty is demanded of us personally, we start squirming in our seats.

We can demand it of someone else like our politicians, government, celebrities, friends, parents, etc., but we are loath to give it. Loath to be found on one side or another of many issues. The fence is the preferable place to be most days. Ya know what I mean? Being honest is scary. Telling the truth can be almost impossible at times because...

"What will they think of me?" 
"What if they don't agree with me?"
"What if I can explain why I think that way? Will they turn on me?"
"What if they ask even more questions? I can't afford to reveal everything."
"What if they use what I say against me?"
"What if what I say causes them to ridicule me?"
"What if I am laughed at?"
"If I say what I really think, they are gonna think I'm an idiot or something."
"They'll never listen."
"No one will understand."
"No one even cares."

Sound familiar at all? So what does this have to do with Love&Light? 


Love opens hearts, minds, and breaks down walls, and once those doors are open and walls are down Light works with Love to shine into the darkened places where we sometimes hide our true selves so well even we didn't know it was there. And the instant our guards come down we try to throw them right back up. And that right there is the power of Love&Light. 

It works in our lives (for those who live by it) and allows us to see and interact with ourselves and others in a way that reveals truth and is blatantly honest. And that is both attractive and repellent because it demands a decision. It demands action. Do you agree? Or do you not? And once you agree or not what action does that require? 

But how beautiful at the same time!? Knowing the truth and acknowledging it gives you so much freedom to take action! You can't take action on something you refuse to acknowledge and that only breeds stagnation.

How powerful is that? Truth revealed, decisions made, freedom given, and action taken. That my friends is the power of Love&Light.
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Celebrate For Sure.
Just Don’t Do It Too Long
Author: Kevin Madison   |   june 9th
Love & Light to you, my friends

As sit here with so many thoughts racing in my mind regarding how exactly do I convey with utter clarity what it is I’ll be sharing with you. I’m just going let it fly and have at it…

…how about I just type eh?!

So, last week (June 2-3), I had the honor - alongside my right hand, God-send of a Creative Director, Adrienne Dyer - of hosting the very first Love & Light LIVE event here in Lake Las Vegas. 

I could write a litany of things that describe how I still feel days later after what transpired, but I’ll keep it simple. To put it concisely, it was MAGICAL.

The two guest speakers I had join me were Danny Johnson(Danny J), and Mr. David Gibson(D1Gibson) himself. 

They rocked the heck out of the place and most certainly left an indelible impact on every single attendee who sat before them. I was touched and moved by both their heartfelt conviction to pour into us all. 

No event is an event without a great host. I must say that I was blessed to have the Queen of Blab, Ms. Jenny Q, as the host for the very first Love & Light LIVE — she was even better than I knew she’d be. 

Then there were the esteemed guests who came from as far as Hawaii to the motor city of Detroit. We were elated to see the synergy and communion amongst all the guests before the Immersion even began. 

So, what does the title have to do with this blog post, right?! 


Since I’m still riding high from the success of our first event, I - for a moment - allowed myself to venture down a road plenty of people do once they accomplish something. Especially if that something has taken a significant amount of time to create and plan for. 

But, as I tell people often in instances where I’m giving advice and warrants me to share this very thought: don’t dance so hard on one song, because there’s plenty of music left to play. 

Translation: Pat yourself on the back, but not for too long. As well as: Don’t you ever allow your ego to tell yourself you’ve arrived while you’ve got breath in your lungs. 

You see, I could’ve looked at planning and orchestrating to finally seeing Love & Light LIVE come to fruition as a mountain climbed. But, that wouldn’t be wise nor advantageous to what I want to do with this philosophy in it’s totality.

Seeing this event come to life wasn’t a mountain for me. Why? Because in the grand scheme of things it’s not about what I do anyway when it comes to Love & Light.

So what we had an intimate, powerful, impactful event. Did I touch enough people? Did I share the Love & Light philosophy with the many? Have I removed homeless people off the street by the dozens yet? 

NO. I haven’t. Therefore this ain’t no mountain, it’s a lookout point to see what more for us there is to do.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m so full of gratitude for those who attended and where touched by the experience - it’s indescribable. But, I know there’s plenty more people who need and deserve to know what Love & Light is all about. 

I’m all for one to give credit where credit is due — even to oneself, but my sincere offering of a caveat you should never forget would be this: don’t you ever take your eye off the prize too long to bask in your own glory. If you climb one mountain, catch your breath, thank God for the strength and guidance — and seek instruction to move higher. Onto your next summit. 

The journey for Love & Light as a brand has officially begun, and what I desire most and will work tirelessly to manifest, is the ability to pour into tens of thousands of people each year instructing them on how to live by the Love & Light philosophy.

Here’s to you and your mountains you will climb. 

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Yes, It’s Possible To Be Happy Every Single Day…No Matter What!
Author: Kevin Madison   |   may 12th
Yes, 90% of the time I am one happy human being. This is a result of many years learning how to be. 

The times when I’m not “happy”, are usually when I fall victim to low thinking and forget it is in my power to choose how I feel. 

Whoever sold you on the plan that it isn’t possible to be happy every darn day - scammed you. When you make the mental shift in understanding suffering is a choice, you’ll live at a much higher frequency. 

Will unfortunate circumstances happen? You bet. But, even through those times…you will always have a choice in how you respond/feel.

You must also be intelligent and mindful that being happy doesn’t mean being inconsiderate when other people aren’t. The ancient script says: "...weep with those that weep." Therefore, don’t gloat about your happiness. Use it to deposit, inspire, and touch others. 


Love & Light
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Author: Kevin Madison   |   April 25th
A group of frogs were traveling through the woods, and two of them fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead. The two frogs ignored the comments and tried to jump up out of the pit with all their might. The other frogs kept telling them to stop, that they were as good as dead. Finally, one of the frogs took heed to what the other frogs were saying and gave up. He fell down and died.

The other frog continued to jump as hard as he could. Once again, the crowd of frogs yelled at him to stop the pain and just die. He jumped even harder and finally made it out. When he got out, the other frogs said, “Did you not hear us?” The frog explained to them that he was deaf. He thought they were encouraging him the entire time.

This story teaches two lessons:

1. There is power of life and death in the tongue. An encouraging word to someone who is down can lift them up and help them make it through the day.

2. A destructive word to someone who is down can be what it takes to kill them.

Be careful of what you say. Speak life to those who cross your path. The power of words… it is sometimes hard to understand that an encouraging word can go such a long way. Anyone can speak words that tend to rob another of the spirit to continue in difficult times. Special is the individual who will take the time to encourage another.

Whether it’s you who’s the frog or someone else. Be mindful of both the words you speak and the ones you allow to seep.

Love & Light
the next time you feel irritated
Author: Kevin Madison   |   April 18th
Before you relegate a person to being irritating/bothersome for doing something you find…well, irritating/bothersome, do a quick inspection inward. Do this to see if there’s a trait you ‘let it fly’ in your life where people find you irritating/bothersome.

Is this easy to do in the moment someone’s doing the running man on your last nerve? Of course not.

But, is it worth the effort to do so? You better believe it.

Well, (for me) it’s quite efficacious in my daily goal of being fully present as much as I can. You see when I, you, or anybody for that matter allow for the thought of being irritated/bothered enter our minds, we’re giving way for something far more dangerous we don’t even realize. That is why it’s wise to evaluate the emotions we feel when we’re feeling them. <–Key


Irritation, is simply another form of unnecessary STRESS, good people.

Stress, is one of the most hazardous adversaries to peace of mind there is, and must be taken seriously.

This isn’t some theoretical rhetoric I’ve conjured up. In my personal journey of understanding the mind, spirit, and the correlation between the two, I’ve found plenty of empirical data that substantiates what I’m sharing here.

Stress, in the form of irritation, changes our brain function.

Though you may think Ricky double dipping his nacho chip in the queso dip is irritating but too small a thing that you pass off as being nothing to worry about, you may want to think again.

No matter the size or frequency of the stress – it’s adverse effects on the brain are dangerous nonetheless.

This is so ADD of me, but I don’t care…lol.

I just realized this is a super long post and I don’t feel like writing anymore, so I hope you consider what I wrote above.

My journey of practicing Love & Light encompasses a myriad of things I never saw myself delving into.

Yet, here I am… So, I’ll leave you with it once more. May LOVE surround you, and LIGHT shine upon you.

#LoveAndLight #PracticedContrarian
in the morning
Author: Kevin Madison   |   April 4th
Every morning, invariably, people rise from their beds and go out into the world and follow a routine.

The majority look forward to the routine, because it’s familiar. It requires no stretch of the imagination or the need of any creative thinking. It’s monotonous and common, and therefore it’s safe - and safe for many means “ok” or even happy.

Then there are people who will rise to a life which isn’t how they ever dreamt it would be. They’ll awake to a relationship that’s dead, abusive, and/or filled with calamity and heartache. Some will awake and head to a job which doesn’t do anything but allow them to stay afloat, limiting their expressive nature and shortening the time they have to find what makes them feel alive. 

Some will awaken and begin with the attitude of, “just another day”, and fail to realize the magic only a new day brings.

In any of these cases, friends, those of us who are blessed to see tomorrow – a new day, I want you to remember this. You don’t have to take, accept, or live a reality you’re not happy with.

It may not turn around immediately, but your direction can change immediately. Let this be the night you rest, and awaken to living in accordance to your highest self.

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How Do You Defeat Hate? Like This…
Author: Kevin Madison   |   March 29th
I want to share something with you, good people, in hopes that it stimulates such voracious action – that your life takes an upside swing like you’ve never imagined.

Many people use the word “hate” so loosely, so frivolously nowadays that it has  become part of our everyday lexicon.

Therein lies the danger and detriment to anybody who fails to realize what I’m going to share.

You see, hate, is all about stagnation, festering, erosion, and destruction.

It stifles the mind, impedes on the good, and obstructs progress, etc.

In other words, it’s ultimate purpose is to simply STOP things.

Whether it be growth, a positive cause, a worthy endeavor, your purpose. or life itself, it’s main goal is to put a halt on everything it touches.

Here’s what most people don’t realize, and the point of me sharing this post with you, the combatant to hate – as we all should know – is love. That’s obvious to most.

But, the other arch enemy of hate is, movement, friends.

Let me explain…

…hate is sneaky and vicious. It waits for the idle mind to conjure up malice. It stalks the fragile state of a battered human being. It lays quiet for a situation to become inflamed with rage.

Again, let me tell you what hate – hates.


Hate cannot affect a person who continues moving toward their purpose. Hate cannot infiltrate a mind focused on moving toward their calling.

Hate cannot impede on people coming together, moving toward a great cause.

In other words, hate only thrives where movement has ceased.

So my word to you is to – no matter what – keep moving. The vitriol and lamentable actions of those who hate has got a hold of will not be able to touch you.

You’ll notice if you ponder for even a second that most of the time when hate is present, there’s hardly any movement for the better going on.

Pay attention to what I’ve just shared. Know that if you want to piss hate off …just keep moving. This is where I – personally – conclude where the statement “God speed” comes from.

Love & Light
Daily Life: Where Do You Begin?
Author: Kevin Madison   |   March 22nd
Take care of first things first, folks.

My suggestion would be to not begin the day with your to do list, your emails, phone calls, etc.

You begin the day with gratitude.


You then arm yourself with the inspiration YOU need to get from the day.

I’m telling you, starting there will be the causation of much opportunity and serendipity finding you. It adds a luster to your day that simply can’t be explained.

How do you arm yourself with inspiration?

It’s easy. You allow yourself to be touched and moved by the wonder of what’s outside your window.

The sounds of the birds, the sight of the rising sun, the trees showing promise of the coming spring time.

You tap into the source that created all the miracles around you. Then you take a deep breath and realize, the same source created you. If you’re tuned into that very moment where you truly realize what you are and how special of a created being you really are, the inspiration will rush to you. It’ll find you. You’ve just gotta have your mind ready to receive it. Create the space for it. Leave all else aside in that moment, friends.

free yourself
Author: Kevin Madison   |   febuary 6th
You’re frustrated, you question yourself, you contemplate if having a blissful relationship is only a figment of your imagination, your career is stagnant, you wonder when things will go your way, you wonder how in the world do you begin, you’re stuck in your business, you attempt to make progress only to be met by a 1000ft wall…Yup, it’s a mofo isn’t it? Here’s the awesome part about all that stuff. 

You can conquer every single bit of it.

Here’s what I’ve discovered along my journey, folks. The portal to freedom from plight exists right beside the problems we face. I’ve found that the solutions are hitched directly to what it is we’d like to overcome. What I’ve learned to do, is examine the question: "Why does this exist in my life and what can I do to change it?" When you ask such a question, it places you in a state of self-awareness. It allows you to delve into the mix with utter control over the only thing you have total control over – yourself.

When you view any type of problems, plight, and blockage in your life from an ownership perspective, you call upon your highest self to come to your aid. You no longer leave it to chance for other things to be done, in order for circumstances to work out. The caveat: don’t take on the role of a victim when you ask this question of yourself. Take on the role as an authoritative figure who’s asking the question and demands a full out substantive answer.

You’re worth more than the trouble, grey hair, and sleepless nights that challenges tend to bring in life. Conquer EVERYTHING that assails you – you can. This is one of the ways I’ve found most propitious in freeing myself from the plight of yesteryears.

 Love & Light
the moment you decide...
Author: Kevin Madison   |   december 22nd
The moment you decide to change your life, it happens. Done deal. Finito.

Now, most people become frustrated when the microwave-like approach, wanting things to immediately change, doesn’t happen. Almost as if the things you want to change come with an easy button – no work required.

Nope, it doesn’t work that way, friends. The only thing instant in this scenario is your decision to change. Once you do that, no matter how mountainous the problems may be, you now must prepare for the journey ahead. Because that’s exactly what it is – a journey. 

I promise you though that if you’ll commit to not only making the decision to change, but also to seeing it through the test, trials, and hurdles you will face, the view from the mountain you’ve climbed will be the sweetest thing your eyes will ever witness.

Toss away the microwave mentality. Sign up for the journey. It’s what powerful people do.

Love & Light
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