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What is Love & Light LIVE?
Simply put, it’s an experience: a 2-day experience where you’ll be immersed in the philosophy of Love & Light. Whether you’re a millennial, or baby-boomer, you’ll walk in the way you are, but leave a completely transformed human being. Love & Light encompasses both the spiritual and pragmatic facets of life.

You’ll be challenged to examine the beliefs you carry that you’ve never questioned. You’ll delve deep into the dynamics of the relationships you have with other people and most importantly yourself. You’ll learn how to wield, and create, more abundance in your life whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or sit at the helm of a multi-million dollar enterprise. Love & Light is transferrable to every part of this human experience we’re all having.
who is Love & Light LIVE for?
It’s for any and every human being breathing oxygen, PERIOD. The Love & Light philosophy transcends above race, creed, religious denomination, socio-economic class, or any other means of division that govern society. This philosophy is about being on one accord with the divinity within. You’ll get the blueprint to how Kevin built a multi-million dollar business career around the world with the principles, practices, and disciplines that Love & Light encompasses. This isn’t a seminar or standard speaking event. This is a 2-day experience that will surely change your perspective about life as you see it, and most importantly – LIVE IT.
Kevin Madison, or The Practiced Contrarian, for titles sake: is a strategic marketing consultant. As founder of The KGM Group, his clients have been seen and featured on QVC, inside publications such as FORBES, Sky Magazine, Inc. 500, and a host of other reputable media platforms.

Under his aegis, his clients – combined – generate 10’s of millions of dollars annually. Kevin is a firm believer that money, is a by-product of commitment, focus, and contribution thinking.

As a steward of his well-known credo: Love & Light – May Love Surround You, And Light Shine Upon You, he shares what he really feel matters in this game of life that we’re all playing the best we can: Principles that illuminate a pathway to success that far supersede any tangible trinket or treasure – both in business and life.

Known as KGM on Periscope, Kevin Madison made his debut on the live streaming app in June 2015. Widely considered a Periscope favorite, he’s made quite a name for himself for leaving an indelible impact on the people who watch his broadcasts.

In June of 2016, Kevin answered the question hundreds of people all over the world had been asking, "Do you speak publicly?" The very first Love & Light LIVE exceeded all expectations, from the people that attended to Kevin's own expectations. It was so powerful that before the event was even over, Kevin was being asked when the next event would be because they wanted more.

The second Love&Light LIVE dates are currently being finalized. As with the first event, Kevin wants to do it at the time that works for as many as possible who want a chance to attend as possible.

Do you want to attend Love&Light LIVE 2017?
Would you prefer Love & Light be held in mid-May or mid-June?

kevin g. madison
Founder of Love&Light
David Gibson
"Falling in love With Your Dreams So That Light Can Shine On The Fruition of Them"
David Gibson is a speaker, coach, and entrepreneur that has dedicated his life to inspiring others to live their DREAMS. Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, he is a graduate of IU’s Kelley School of Business and now leads his company, Elevation is a Must LLC., where he empowers individuals to tap into their true potential and leverage their strengths in order to live more fulfilling and productive lives. He has launched a worldwide movement, DreamCatchers Worldwide, that encourages others to capture and live their DREAMS and inspire the world. David is on a never ending search to become the best version of himself and he is encouraging every person he comes in contact with to take the same journey.
danny j
"Love For Yourself Isn’t Selfish. It’s Necessary For Light To Shine In Your Life"
Driven, passionate, fun and full of laughter, Danny Johnson, is a high-energy speaker who can dish it to you straight, but with just enough sugar to make you want more. Danny-J, is a serial entrepreneur who has created multiple successful brands and online businesses with one underlying principle: “Make People More Awesome(r)." Danny is committed to helping women find their TRUE issues. She’s not afraid to talk about what others don’t want to talk about. When it comes to depression, suicidal thoughts, adrenal fatigue and abuse, she can call it out and empower those who feel like they are stuck. Her major goal in life is to allow every woman to see the power she already holds and shine a bright light on those who have a story to share. She believes that things don’t happen to us, they happen for us, and its our responsibility to share those lessons with each other. Danny-J lives by sheer example, calling herself out on her own BS, while living a lifestyle purely created.
Kevin Madison is a life changer. Hearing his words is like a dying plant that finally gets watered - that’s the analogy that best describes hearing Kevin. He forces you to look within yourself and take accountability and focus on what you need to do. He is my millionaire mentor, he will change your life with his simple, yet timeless words whether it’s regarding business or your family life.
Did You Know...
...Most People Don’t Lack Capacity? They Only Lack The Right Information To Totally Revolutionize Their Lives. You’re Getting The Right Information at Love & Light LIVE

what will you learn?

What Can You Expect To Happen In Your Life After Attending Love & Light LIVE?
You will learn how to and what it means to access the divinity within.
You will learn how to find love in all things and harness it’s power for the good.
You will learn the depth of sacredness between light and your very being.
You will learn how to access a more meaningful, deeper and powerful relationship with those you love.
You will learn the process of earning ‘Soul Points’ — and why they matter.
You will learn how to apply Love & Light in the world of business in a way that will put you in a class of your own.
You will learn the process called ‘God Apprentice’, which shows you how to work with your sprit as well as your body to create unfathomable results.
You will learn how to forgive powerfully so that it carries over into every facet of your life.
You will learn the process of ‘Unapologetic Abundance’ and how to use it to bring more good fortune into your life.
You will have a renewed mind and understanding of exactly what you are. Not who – but WHAT.
You will be able to deftly confront the mental giants holding you hostage and rid yourself of them.
Learn how to bring more abundance into your life by having learned how to create your ‘ideal net.’
You will operate and engage with people on an entirely different level than most do right now.
Your aura and energy will augment the atmosphere on any room or space you enter into.
You will have a keen understanding on how to maximize your strengths within your passion that creates the upswing in your life.
Your inward healing from past hurts and hidden skeletons will no longer haunt you in the back of your mind.
You will live in a state of ‘active appreciation’ and forever change how you live life day to day.
…and so much more.
“I know what it’s like to be flat out broken, despondent, and feel like a loser. And I know what it’s like to become rich, have money in the bank, a nice home, travel the world, etc. Let me tell you something. No matter what end of the spectrum I was on. One thing was present more than any other, the desire to just have PEACE.”

– Kevin G. Madison
“Before you can attempt to get your business right, your relationship right, your body right; make sure you’ve got your life right. Make sure you’ve built on a rock and not the sand.”
Love & Light is a philosophy that builds your life on a ROCK!
Kevin Madison is dependable and he provides value. Kevin is a genuine man. If you are able to hear him speak, I suggest you do so. You will be thankful that you did.

What you can expect when listening to Kevin Madison is a tremendous gift and an opportunity for you to take a journey into your own self discovery. Kevin brings tremendous love & light into every topic and every discussion, he gives everyone an opportunity to change and transform their life. It’s his gift.

Kevin Madison is a powerful, outstanding, and a soulful experience. He is heartfelt with the Love & Light philosophy. He makes me realize that no amount of time is meant to be wasted. Kevin is real! His smile and his swag don’t hurt either.

The respect I have for Kevin is due to hearing his philosophy of Love & Light, this allowed me to gain a new understanding about my own life and my choices. If you are able to see Kevin on live, do it- you will gain clarity and peace in your life.

Kevin blows you away with his philosophy of Love & Light. I am always forced to look at things in a different way, to question them, and decide for myself what it is that I really believe about what I've always 'known'.

To summarize Kevin Madison’s message in one word – ‘Outstanding.’ His messages stand out and make people think. He is truly a ‘practiced contrarian.’

Kevin’s voice brings me an immediate sense of peace. His appearance captures my attention, but when I heard him speak, I knew there was hope for myself.

Kevin is an inspiration, encourager, and motivator! He drops knowledge bombs that are pure gold. If you have the chance to attend his Love & Light LIVE event, definitely do so.

Love and Light LIVE VENDORS
Love and Light Live takes place at The Westin, Lake Las Vegas, Nevada - June 2-3, 2016. You'll have your products and/or services showcased in front of both live and live-streaming audiences. 

In addition to the attendees, live streaming is allowed in the vending area. Keep in mind that even though you’ll be there in person.

Please be prepared to share with live streamers audiences how to find you online or where to take advantage of your products/services. We truly want this to be a profitable and business expanding event for you, too.
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