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Greetings Gift
I know you were given another name, but I don’t know it yet. What I do know is that you’re a gift. 

Let me start this off the only way I see fit – with gratitude.
No, not just a regular thank you – a heartfelt, utterly sincere, to the core “thank you!” I’m well aware of the many mindless distractions that exist online, so when I say thank you, I really want you to grasp how grateful I am for you being here, with me, right now – especially considering you could be somewhere else.
"My name is Kevin G. Madison"
I’m the founder of Love & Light Always. If you don’t mind my blatant abuse of proper grammar, punctuation, etc., then allow me to spend a few minutes with you, sharing what Love & Light is all about. As long as you’re ok with that, I feel you’ll enjoy your stay here very much.
What does Love and Light mean?
Of course you’ve heard the words “love” and “light” before. We’ve all used both of them at some point in our lives. But I dare say nobody understands love to the point of having mastered it. Some would argue this tooth and nail—and that’s OK! It’s good!

That argument lends itself to the point I want to make in explaining what love and light mean to me…and hopefully to you once you’re aware of this powerful philosophy.
LOVE—it’s subjective. We each define love differently. We know it feels good, but if given a piece of paper to depict what love is, each of us would paint a different picture.

For me, love is the first language of any kind. It’s the original communicator, and there is no other like it. The very creation of man was done out of LOVE. The natural wonders we enjoy every day—created out of love. The reason we work hard (despite the fact that people think it’s to earn a paycheck) is love. The list is never ending…

LOVE surpasses all judgments, biases, hatred, envy, and everything else meant to bring about destruction and malice. It’s the most powerful weapon there is against the evil side of nature. Yet each of us attempts to subjugate its power and place it into our own little boxes, as if we were the controllers of it.

LOVE isn’t meant to be controlled. It’s meant to be free and clear for all of us to understand and experience through one another.

Again, this isn’t any type of dictum. The Love & Light philosophy you will learn about here isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to understanding love. But it is an infallible blueprint to manifesting love’s immense power and swinging life’s pendulum in your favor—in every facet of life.
LIGHT the other half of the Love & Light philosophy—and one that carries just as much significance and life-altering power—is light. 

Now this isn’t “woo-woo” talk here, so don’t vilipend what you’re about to learn. This is a complete distillation of many years of study, practice, and refinement of two of the best treasures in life.

Think about this for just a moment: When you think of new beginnings, emerging from a tumultuous period in life, or awakening to a new day, what word comes to mind? LIGHT.

As the story goes according to many doctrines. What were the first words spoken when God created the galaxy? “Let there be light.”
But you might be wondering, how does this philosophy apply to my life?
That’s a great question…and one that I’ll be more than happy to address.

I am a spiritual human being who long ago jettisoned the notion of putting a domination, sect, or title on my faith. God is, and forever will be, much larger and more significant than any manmade idea of what and who “I AM” is.

I fervently believe that we all are made in the likeness and image of God—despite our flaws, shortcomings, and human nature. We are powerful vessels put here on earth to do good work and honor the divinity that resides in each of us.

Whether you’re atheist or agnostic, God still resides in everything you don’t believe in. (Ponder that for a minute.)

I’m not one to preach fire and brimstone. That’s not my style or flow. But I am an called to actualize the God in every person whose path crosses with my own. That means you, right here, reading this letter.
There are no coincidences...
You have not arrived here out of mere chance, my friend. No way! You’re here because you’re obviously a person searching for a deeper, more visceral meaning to your life’s calling—one that is much higher than what you’re currently living.

This isn’t about religion. This isn’t about being a radical, contentious person who opposes others’ beliefs.

This is a philosophy for those who truly feel something deeper and more meaningful, yet haven’t found it just yet.

More than anything else, I wish for you to find understanding, enlightenment, and peace of mind in learning the Love & Light philosophy—to the point that you’re able to see beyond the many religious biases and judgments in the world today.

The Love & Light philosophy is about transcendence—allowing yourself to become who God created you to be without compromising your virtues and values in the process.

Whether you’re an astute business person looking to add depth and meaning to your enterprise or a person seeking to hang your hat on a belief system that’s independent of creed and race, the Love & Light philosophy is transferrable to every facet of life.

As you further your journey in learning about the Love & Light philosophy, you’ll find it to be like laying bricks when building a house. You’ll progress from one realization to another until you’ve erected a brand new belief system—one that honors you, lifts you, inspires you, and always places gratitude at the forefront of every single thing you do.

No matter if you’re in one of life’s low pits—as I was just a few years ago—or riding high on one of life’s rocket ships, the light of awareness and divine instruction is always shining on you. ALWAYS.

I didn’t want to make this letter a one-stop shop for you to totally grasp what this philosophy is all about. Rather, I hoped to give you enough in my introduction to help you decide for yourself if it resonates with you in your core. I hope I’ve accomplished that.

As you take a look around the site, watch a video, or join me on live stream via the Periscope app (@LoveLightAlways), I hope you find yourself having a moment of immense clarity and saying, “Yes, this is for me.” I sincerely hope you do.

Again, I can’t thank you enough, my friend. On behalf of every single member of the Love & Light Always team, may love surround you and light shine upon you.

Kevin Madison
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